'Tis the season to be traveling, but what do we do with our beloved FURBABIES???
Ima Pug, Senior Rovering Reporter, has been doing some pet boarding research, and is now the resident expert on pet boarding, or so she thinks!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!

First we must decide between Basic Boarding, Upscale Boarding or In Home Pet Sitters. Ima Pug prefers In Home Pet Sitters. Sometimes taking your pet out of their environment and daily routine can be stressful for your pet, especially if you are a senior Pug!!

In Home Pet Sitters provide your pet with the stability of the environment they know best as well as their regular diet and exercise routine. They can also administer any necessary medications.

Ima's top 3 picks for In Home Pet Sitters

1. Fetch! Pet Care of Memorial-West Houston - www.fetchpetcare.com

2. Barking Life Pet Concierge - www.barkinglife.com

3. Rover - www.rover.com

Details, Details, Details!!

  • Make your reservations for the sitter NOW!!! They book up FAST!
  • Make sure to ask for references. 
  • Ask what the sitters schedule for your pets will be while you are gone. 
  • Leave clear instructions for food and medication.
  • Leave contact information for your VETERINARIAN, as well as a close friend or family member to call in case of emergency.