Article Courtesy of Guest Writer - Brittany Fisher

When one thinks of the holidays, one typically thinks of family, giving gifts, maybe travel, sparkling lights and good cheer; very rarely would one associate this time of year with selling one's home. Yet, this time of year can have its benefits in getting your house off the market.

According to Redfin, “The upside of selling during the holidays is that seller competition is very low, meaning your home will be competing with a lot fewer homes.”

Don't let the time of year discourage you. With a little elbow grease, and the right tips, you can sell your home during this magical season.

Start Online

In the age of the internet, it's more important than ever to make sure your home listing not only is presented online, but that it is presented well. Having ample pictures visible on your agent's website (or whatever property website you choose) is the first step towards success. Consider making a video to post to Youtube, introducing not only your house, but the neighborhood, listing why it's such a great find. The holiday season will add extra sparkle and oomph to how you present your home, so consider adding a few decorations to keep things looking beautiful and festive.


Whether you're painting accents in your house blue (a color suggested to increase probability of an easy sale), putting out lawn furniture or decorations to help buyers fantasize about living in your home, staging your home is incredibly important. During the holiday season, one of the last things one may want to do is get rid of furniture, but doing so can truly make a house look more spacious, and therefore bigger, which can be appealing to buyers. Don't forget to take the winter weather into account; staging a fire pit outback or fireplace inside, or if it's not quite cold enough for that, having a bowl of winter spices in the dining room, can really make your home inviting.

Light, Light, Light

If a room is dark, it seems drab. No one wants to live in a home that can be described as “cave-like,” so make sure that you are lighting your house appropriately. Increase the wattage in the bulbs you use, and make sure you're adding light fixtures to tables, corners, by chairs, wherever people will be frequenting. Natural light is incredibly important, so opening up your curtains or blinds on sunny days can make your home seem bigger, cleaner and more attractive.

Depersonalize Your Home

This, like ditching a good deal of your furniture, is not something you may want to do during the holidays; however, people won't be looking to buy your home—they want to buy their own. Making your home look like a fresh slate, a blank canvas for their own family to paint, is often associated with the increased likelihood of selling. While you may miss the little knick knacks that made your home feel like it was yours, the goal is to make someone else feel like this environment could be theirs. This includes not hanging around when people come to view the property; it's the holidays, and you may want to be at home with your loved ones, but if someone wants to come by, it's easiest and most appealing for them if you aren't there, looking over their shoulder. Even if you stay in another room, it can be intimidating for viewers, so try to go out and stay out while they're there.

Remember, this time of year is unique for selling. Don't be too nervous about listing your property; as mentioned earlier, this can be a boon as you will have less competition. If you dress up your home nicely, make it look spacious and bright, you will be on your way to selling your home, and having the best holiday gift of all—peace of mind.

Article Courtesy of Guest Writer - Brittany Fisher
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